The Riyadh Military Hospital, also known as the Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, is considered one of the most advanced hospitals here in the Middle East. Jamal Jaroudi Est. is continually and successfully able to implement projects on different occasions and phases. JJE is honored to have taken place in designing and implementing three different buildings in the Riyadh Military Hospital.

  • Building 131:
    • JJE has successfully designed and built 5 stores for the hospital which came complete with all of the electrical and mechanical works. The total area of this project was 600 m2 for each floor with an under ground water tank capacity of 500 m3 which came complete with a pumping system. Some of the main features of these storage rooms include a cast insitu concrete structure along with a hollow cement block infill complete with all finishes. Finally, JJE also installed central A/C unites as well as 4 elevators each with a maximum capacity of 800 KG.
  • Building 58:
    • Building 58 in the Riyadh Military Hospital included 3 storage buildings which encompassed an underground water tank complete with all the required facilities and pumping systems. Each floor is approximately 500 m2 which contained a ground floor medical warehouse made of a steel structure with complete finishes. To complete the project a central A/C package was also installed along with one elevator with a maximum capacity of 1000 KG.
  • Building 90:
    • This project consisted of renovating the existing building in order to suit the client’s current needs. It consisted of a 4 story building that required its main function to change from an outpatient clinics building to an office building.