Dow Chemical has teamed up with Saudi Aramco to construct and operate the world’s biggest chemical complex, Sadara Chemical Co. The Sadara complex consists of 27 plants with an estimated cost of $20 billion, which generates annually revenue of $10 billion.

After a rigorous evaluation process, Wipro, the main ITC contractor, chose JJG to provide Public Address and Mass Notification System to the whole SADARA complex in its 174 building and open areas. Honeywell Life Safety, Whelen and DNH were the major suppliers & partners for JJG on this project:

PAVA System

  • 4,100+ Speakers.
  • 278 Evacuation Sounders
  • 128,000W of amplifiers
  • 174 Distributed Control Units
  • Main control room & backup control room
  • 40 distributed control stations
  • 150 Km of cabling

Plant Siren System

  • 28 Omni Directional 1600W Whelen Mass Notification Siren.
  • 28 VisuAlert LEDs
  • 4 Mobile Siren Units.
  • Wireless IP & UHF/VHF communication

Both of the above systems are networked together in an Integrated safety System.