Abha Prison

JJG was awarded the project for the Abha Prison which consisted of designing and constructing five new buildings. The facility included two-story women jails with standard cell sizes, a quarantine building, a permanent prison walk way, as well as a high tech security fence.

Additionally, JJG modified the existing drainage pipe network which requires maintenance. Similar projects have been executed in Hail, Besha, Oneza, Rabegh, and Jeddah.


Khamis Mushait Prison

The Prison project is located in Khamis Mushait, consisting of 9 new buildings and new administration fences. The facility includes both large and small prison cells. JJG was responsible for constructing family visit and school buildings; each building consisted of three floors. Moreover, we supplied the facility with portable cabinets and constructed one underground water tank.


NADEC Dairy Plant

We successfully designed and constructed a dairy plant for NADEC co. The area is located in Haradh which is a small village in the Al-Hasa region in Saudi Arabia. The total area of this project was approximately 22000 m2. The project was completed with all the electrical and mechanical works which included an underground water facility and central A/C units for the office area.


Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital

The Riyadh Military Hospital, also known as the Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, is considered one of the most advanced hospitals in the Middle East. JJG is continually and successfully able to implement projects of different sizes and phases. We are honored to be a part of designing and implementing three different buildings in this project:

  • Building 131:
    • We have successfully designed and constructed a five-story building. Each Floor is 600 m2 with a total area of 3000 m2, and is made of precast concrete structure with cast in site foundation, as well as an underground water tank with a capacity of 500 m3 located in the basement of the building. External walls are hollow concrete block in fill, and internal walls are insulated gypsum board, with concrete block walls in the wet area and in other certain areas as needed.
    • The roof structure is double tee precast concrete covered by highly reinforced screed. The lower three floors are offices and the upper two floors are outpatient Dental Clinics.
  • Building 58:
    • The medical warehouse building is a three story pre-engineered steel structure building. The area of each floor is 500 m2, the ground floor is a high ceiling warehouse and the upper two floors are supporting offices. The project design and construction includes all the electrical and mechanical Installation. Additionally, elevators are situated on a proper concrete raft foundation.
  • Building 90:
    • An old building which function has been changed from an outpatient clinic to a main administration building. Complete with a new layout and finishes, and a widespread change of electrical, HVAC and mechanical works to meet client’s needs.