Dow Chemical has teamed up with Saudi Aramco to construct and operate the world’s biggest chemicals complex, Sadara Chemical Co.


The Sadara complex consists of 27 plants is estimated to cost $20 billion, and will generate annual revenue of $10 billion.


Wipro, the main ITC contractor, choose JJE after a rigorous evaluation process.


JJE is providing Public Address and Mass Notification system to the whole SADARA complex in its 174 building and open areas.


Honeywell Life Safety, Whelen & DNH are the major supplier for JJE on this project.


PAVA System

  • 4,100+ Speakers.
  • 278 Evacuation Sounders
  • 128,000W of amplifiers
  • 174 Distributed Control Units
  • Main Control Room & backup Control Room
  • 40 Control Distributed Control Stations
  • 150 Km of cabling


Plant Siren System

  • 28 Omni Directional 1600W Whelen Mass Notification Siren.
  • 28 VisuAlert LEDs
  • 4 Mobile Siren Units.
  • Wireless IP & UHF/VHF communication


Both the above systems are networked together in an Integrated safety System.


Jamal Jaroudi Est was awarded the contract to supply, install and commission the Fire Alarm & Audio Visual system in this prestigious project.

Fire Alarm System

  • 65,650+ detectors.
  • 7900 Evacuation Speakers
  • 5500 Strobes/Horns
  • 553 loops
  • 87 Enterprise class Panels
  • 9 Km of Aspirating Smoke detection pipes
  • 5Km of Linear Heat Detection Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Networked together in an Integrated safety System


Audio Visual System

  • 143 meeting and conference rooms with Tandberg Video conference.
  • 191 labs for (language, computer and clinical skills simulation)
  • 22 E-learning studios
  • 12 Large Lecture Halls with 150 seats
  • 4 Grand Lecture Halls with 500 seats