JJG enjoys a worldwide network of suppliers for our core equipment, with whom we have long-standing relationships. Our managers are leaders in their respective product lines. Moreover, our team and engineers are regularly trained with continuous interaction and communication with our top management to help in the assimilation of latest technology trends, which enable us to serve our clients with the best solutions.

  • IP and Digital CCTV: Round the clock video surveillance with analytical video intelligence for proactive threat response.
  • Advance Surveillance: Thermal Imaging, License plate recognition, and Under vehicle surveillance system.
  • RFID and Access Control: Track all movements; no unauthorized entry of people and vehicles.
  • Intrusion Alarm : No forced entries; full protection to everyone and everything inside.
  • Perimeter Security: Highest protection for the most vulnerable sites. No intrusions, no false alarms.
  • Movement Control – People : Glass revolving doors and turnstiles to complement access control with style.
  • Movement Control – Vehicles : Rising kerbs, bollards, sliding gates, boom barriers, and UVSS. When access is denied, is crime prevented.
  • Scanners: X-ray, Metal/Narcotics/Explosive Detectors – Blocks not just “who” but also “what” comes in.
  • Fire Alarm and Early Warning: Conventional, addressable, Aspirating smoke detection and linear heat detection systems that follow one basic convention - assets protection.
  • Fiber Optic and Radio Connectivity: Connecting all the subsystems together, securely and reliably.
  • C3I: Intelligent communication, command, control center for mission critical operations.
  • Counter terrorism Equipment and Systems: For law enforcement, covert surveillance, and crime fighting.

We use technologies like Artificial Intelligence on raw data from photo electric beams, microwave, radar, video motion detection, fiber optic and sensing cables; singly or in a judicious combination to obtain highest degree of protection with the minimum rate of false alarms. We offer wired and wireless solutions. Devices and solutions from manufacturers are extensively used and vouched by us for their performance and reliability.