Facility Management

Jamal Jaroudi Group believes in the importance of follow-up procedures. That is why the Facilities Management Division was created to handle, numerous projects in Saudi Arabia. The diversity of these projects covers Government sector, Business sector and Private sector to provide the best value for the integrated services to our customers by developing and implementing an effective plan characterized by quality, accuracy, professionalism, honesty, commitment, and experience.


Operation and Maintenance services include the following

Maintenance and preventive maintenance of the electrical system.

Electricity is one of the life requirements can’t be dispensed with, and any interruption of electricity causes a lot of problems because our modern life requirement based on the use of electricity, so any interruption in electricity means the building is completely paralyzed, periodic inspections and preventive maintenance are carried out to achieve optimal and reliable performance, which ensures continuous supply of electricity without interruption to all buildings and facilities.

Electrical Preventive maintenance includes checking and repair faults of the electrical system that feeds the buildings, as well as replace damaged parts or equipment, periodic inspection and preventive maintenance of the entire electrical system, which consists of the following:

  • Distribution panels.
  • MV Network.
  • MV cubicles.
  • Cable network.
  • External and internal Lighting.
  • Elevators Distribution Panels.
  • Any other electrical work will be included in the scope of work.

Maintenance and preventive maintenance of Low current system.

The operation and maintenance of Low Current systems include the continuous monitoring and operation of all electronic systems and their components as well as carrying out emergency repair work by replacing defective parts and carrying out all periodic inspection and preventive maintenance work. Low Current system include the following:

  • Security Systems, ERI PASS, control system, and door lock system.
  • Fire Alarm System.
  • Sound system, internal communication systems and Paging System (P.A. System).
  • CCTV system.
  • MATV, SMATV, CATV systems.
  • IPTV systems.
  • Home Theater systems.

Maintenance and preventive maintenance of HVAC systems:

We live in a desert environment for this air conditioning is necessary and one of the life requirements can’t be dispensed with. Our Preventive maintenance is carried out to achieve optimal and reliable performance for all types of central air conditioners and chillers by specialized technical experts highly trained staff.

Which includes the following:

  • Chiller Plant
  • Fan Coil Unit
  • Air Handling Units.
  • Ventilation System
  • Package units
  • AC Split and window type
  • Duct System

  • HVAC Inspection and Operation:
  • Inspect the panels and electrical circuit breakers.
  • Check function and calibrate all internal components.
  • General cleaning of the filtration air station
  • Control and record pressure and oil temperature of compressors.
  • Check devices and reading temperature "thermometer ... etc.”
  • Check pumps.
  • Check the chilled water network.
  • Check and observation of strange noise and vibrations.
  • Check the pulley alignment and tension belt.
  • Lubricate motor and shaft bearing.

Maintenance and preventive maintenance of plumbing and Hydraulic systems:

Lack of maintenance of the sanitary facilities, kitchens, and pumps will lead to problems. These problems include water leakage, pipe blockage, which lead to serious consequences for the buildings and areas.

The plumbing and Hydraulic systems include the following:

  • Cold and hot water networks.
  • Water treatment.
  • Firefighting system.
  • Sanitary and sewage networks.
  • Rainwater network.
  • Irrigation network

Maintenance for civil, construction and outdoor works (Renovation and Repair)

Renovation and Repair required to carry out necessary maintenance and repair of civil construction and outdoor works. Renovation and Repair works include the following:

  • Buildings Maintenance civil works.
    • Internal and external walls.
    • Roofs.
    • Floors.
    • Doors and windows.
    • Stairs.
  • Maintenance of outdoor areas, parking, sidewalks, and fences.
  • All types of paints.

Landscaping services

Landscaping is art. Imagine the landscape as an artist’s canvas with the greens cape (plants) and hardscape (sidewalks, edging, and patios) providing the colors, shapes, and patterns of the living portrait. Landscaping is also has a practical side. In addition to being more attractive, the benefits of a well-planned, well-designed landscape include maintenance, economic savings (reduced inputs of water, fertilizer, and pesticides), enhanced real estate values, and personal satisfaction.

Landscaping will include the following:

  • Lawn maintenance.
  • Remove all waste from agricultural facilities.
  • Fertilizing
  • Lawn treatments
  • Pesticide applications
  • Site Clearing
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape installation
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Seeding
  • Mulching
  • Hedge trimming
  • Water gardens
  • Minor tree work
  • Supply and installation of green grass areas.
  • Trimming, shrubs, and plants.
  • Flushing and ventilation of agricultural land as needed.

Pest control services.

We provide an extensive range of effective treatments for the control of rodent and insect pests, as well as advice and support on how to keep your property pest free.

After a detailed inspection, we will create a customized Pest Control Plan that will efficiently and directly target your pest problem. Clients can choose from a range of preventative and responsive pest management services delivered by our highly trained and dedicated Specialists and Technicians.

The Pest Control Program offers a comprehensive program that:

  • Helps you to meet your requirement to control pests.
  • Helps you to create a clean, safe and healthy environment

The program will include:

  • Spraying of interior and exterior areas.
  • Control of Rodents (rats).
  • Combating creeping insects (ants).
  • Against flies and mosquitoes.
  • Termite control.

Housekeeping services

Every property, whether private or commercial, needs to be kept clean and tidy so that it looks inviting to all. This is where housekeeping comes in. Cleaning and maintenance services can be spotted very easily anywhere.

Housekeeping provides a clean and pleasant working environment. It also helps prevent accidents in the workplace and aids efficient operation. Housekeeping can usually be achieved by routine cleaning of the premises, proper storage of materials and periodic disposal of the rubbish.

The periodic cleaning program includes the following services:

  • Sweeping and cleaning the areas in front of the entrances of the various buildings.
  • Sweep and mop all external areas.
  • Mopping of all pavements stone, rubber or parquet surfaces.
  • Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, showers/bathtubs, countertops, and sinks
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs
  • Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, and mopping hard floors
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Emptying trash receptacles, waste bins and disposal of waste in the appropriate containers placed at the points of collection.
  • Monitoring cleaning supplies and ordering more as needed