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At JJG, we understand the intricacies of integration for each system, and more importantly, we understand specifically what kind of solution is required by the application to meet the best needs of the client.

  • Public Address: Crisp and clear audio throughout the facility for announcements and entertainment.
  • CATV & IP TV: High quality and channelized distribution of satellite and terrestrial TV programs.
  • Conference and SIS: For parliaments or corporate board rooms with simultaneous interpretation.
  • Video Conferencing: Interact live and share media in real time with colleagues across the world.
  • Audiovisual: Video/data projection with audio/music for any board room or home theater.
  • Nurse Call: Advanced systems for modern hospitals committed to professional patient care.
  • Dimming, Architectural Lighting: Accentuate the elegance of your building from inside and outside.
  • Studio and Broadcast: Complete studio/control room equipment for modern radio station.
  • Broadcast Monitoring: Monitoring & recording Radio and Television stations.