Founded in 1982, Jamal Jaroudi Group (JJG) is a Saudi firm specialized in the field of CIVIL CONSTRUCTION and integrated SECURITY & COMMUNICATION systems.

JJG management constitutes of three Departments:

• Construction Department: Civil and Electro-mechanical

• Electronics Department: Security and Communication Systems

• LED Lighting and Solar System

At JJG, we continue improving and growing due to our dedication and our strong will to actively participate in the successful implementation of various projects, in particular, to be aligned with economic aspirations and vision of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Our aim is to deliver the needs for professional and technical services in Security and communications Systems Integration, providing various products, technologies and manufacturers brand solutions available around the world.

We take the job highly personal as systems experts, to provide the best available solutions and products for a project, and deliver a complete workable solution to the client. We have chosen this role, as a strategic objective and the events have proven our immense success. Realizing those achievements was proudly by the efforts of our highly skilled engineers and technicians.

JJG, invested in the best talents, well trained and knowledgeable personnel based on specific projects' requirements. Their combined expertise in different technologies was the essence of optimizing the output to deliver one complete system, with full command over the various technologies and products.

JJG key objectives remain to fulfill the complex demands and requirements of specialized projects, as well as to continuously meet the objectives of our clients. JJG proudly provides some of the best engineering services ensuring our clients' satisfaction, and its reputation in success is evident in this field as a top quality engineering services provider.

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